Its Don the movie man. He is Don on the show.


Its Murph. He is Murph on the show.


Its Dweebo. Don and Murph's biggest fan ever! And Dons Little Brother

*Dons Mom

Its Dons mom.

*Dons Dad

Its Dons Dad.

*Mr A

Its Mr. A. Don and Murph's teacher and cameraman.


Its the Peach. Don's brother?

*The Priest

Its the priest. He removed the Demon from Murph.

*The Mormon

He tried to take over the show and make it more mormon friendly.

*John Waters

Its John Waters . He was in chocolate Blades!


He stole from Don and Murph and sold their things on ebay.

*Mr Peabody

Its Mr Peabody Don and Murph English Teacher who tells them about turn of the tv week.

*Bob (The Car Sales Man)

Its Bob. He tried to sell Don and Murph a car.

*The Fans

The Fans Don and Murph Saw When they were drunk.


Its the Bum. This guy took Don's shoes.

*Deviate 1

Its the Deviate 1. He was in the deviate 1 and 2.


He was the new Don when Don was fired from the show.

*Mr Mingwinkley

Its Mr Mingwinkley. He is Don and Murph's gym teacher.

*Deviate 2

Its the Deviate 2. He was in part 3.


Its Chad. He likes to cheat at everything.


Its Dufrain. He is Murph's big brother.

*Dufrain Number 2

Its Dufrain Number 2. He hes Murphs big brother.


Its Stacey. She was Don's date.


Its Arianna,. She was Murphs's date

*Walt Smeggins

Its Walt smeggins. He runs the site and makes all the choices about the show.


Its Alakazam. He does magic and hunts ghosts.

*Tomkins aka Cheezwizz

Its Tomkins. She dates Honey Combs.

*Honey Combs

Its Honey Combs. He dates Tomkins.


Its Gina. She is the lunch lady


Its Tina. She is a lunch lady and a model with her twin sister.

*The Gang

Its the Thursday gang.